CoTT: That's so Kraven! Kraven vs. Black Panther

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I managed this on my second try with my level 100 4/5/4 Kraven. I didn't keep an eye on red as closely as I should have in the first attempt, and one tooth (and one nail) took my Kraven out of the picture for good. One the second try I focused mainly on denying red, as Kraven can start cranking up some damage once the enemy gets a few special tiles out. I also let Kraven borrow Taskmaster's sword, to wipe the goody-two-shoes look off of Black Panther's face. 

I never use Kraven, so I had to keep checking what his powers do. In the end I wore Panther down with the passive damage.


  • DAZ0273
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    Likewise I had no idea on Kraven. For some reason he is champed but what he does? No clue. Anyway he did some sort of jumpy stabby things and something maybe to do with a spear? Whatever it was it was enough to kick Panther to the kerb and stomp all over his royal face.