Nice pw for noob - In the prospect of a new player

With the Christmas discounts, I purchased a couple of pw's, and one of them is koth. I want a simple pw with rough and simple mechanic.
At the current state I have about 50 games with him, on a deck composed of commons and uncommons. Half and half.
I have played against inexperienced and new players, and against others who outclassed me for cards or tricolor pw.
I've had hands where creatures would come in at 5 rounds, (half the deck is composed of creatures, you will understand my frustration).
I have won every fight. ALL.
In obvious situations of imminent defeat, koth has taught me that you should never give up.
I got lucky, I took advantage of mistakes, or naivety of my opponents.
The curious thing is that red is not my color of choice, yet I'm having a lot of fun with Koth.
It's a monocolor, so quite cheap to raise level, but most of all is simple & fun.


  • Tremayne
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    Koth is indeed a good starting PW so definitely a good choice even if you only have a mediocre red library.

  • Narcoticsagent
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    Koth is a good bro. I have every walker and I still regularly use koth. I think he is almost an ideal monocolor walker. High primary mana bonus, cheap high utility first loyalty ability, and game winning 3rd loyalty ability. Great template they could use to design other mono color walkers. 
  • Bil
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    Koth IS an incredible monowalker.

     If you're searching for solid monowalkers in other colors you can also take a look at :

    Blue : Jace unraveler of secrets.

    Green : nissa worldwaker/garruk unleashed.
    White : probably elspeth for the impressive mana gains. 

    Black : Liliana dreadhorde general (for the summon/draw ability and the strong removals) / Liliana Waker of the dead (if you have some self mill cards available).

    They might not all be as impressive as koth, and one's choice depends on his/her playstyle, but they are definitely some of the highest tier Walkers in their color.
  • Avahad
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    Koth has certainly benefited from the new landforming mechanic.
  • Mainloop25
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    Ob nixilis is a great mono color black pw. His 3rd ability still has the ability to win on its own.
  • Barnabes
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    I used to highly recommend Ob, because his abilities are amazing, but his mana is very lackluster for a Mono PW these days.