Rise of Adventure Party objective not always fulfilled by a full party [Investigating]

Bubbles_CS Posts: 331 Mover and Shaker
  • Which Event is being analyzed?

    Rise of Adventure

  • Which Node?;

    Top node

  • Event supports;

    Cleric Adventurer

  • Planeswalker and Cards used to reproduce the bug.

In the Rise of Adventure event playing Angrath I was able to complete the Party objective on several occasions, but in one game I gained a full party only on the last turn by playing Stonework Packbeast with Cleric of Life’s Bond, Radha Heart of Keld and Zagras Thief of Heartbeats in play. Immediately after playing the Packbeast, Cleric Adventurer dealt 6 damage to my opponent, defeating my opponent. 6 damage is triggered by a full party and confirms that I had a full party, and yet I did not achieve the Party objective.