Let’s Talk About Emma

Venomous Posts: 110 Tile Toppler
Someone in my alliance is looking to build and play their Emma Frost and I felt like hearing what sort of good synergies or team ups she could have. I know she isn’t the best 4 star, so I want to see what sort of builds out there could make her more useful. 

Apologies if this is in the wrong category. Wasn’t sure exactly where it should go. 


  • wingX
    wingX Posts: 250 Mover and Shaker
    A good place to post will be under the Character Detail section where you can search Emma Frost
    Anyway, there are 2 team which I think she can fit in:
    Focus on using Fortified tiles
    Emma, Shuri, 4*Black Panther
    Emma, Shuri, Misty Knight
    Focus on getting to use her black for higher match damage.
    Emma, America Chavez, Mockingbird
    Emma, Domino, Nightcrawler

  • Venomous
    Venomous Posts: 110 Tile Toppler
    True, but wouldn't the comments now be a bit outdated because they added so many new characters since she was released? 

    And thanks for the help. I kinda figured the best way to play her would be to make full use of her would be her Black move. Seemed pretty good. It's clear she'll do very good with Shuri though.