Agents of Sheild quest bugged

Correctly counted the 12 days of Marvel day 5 but doing subsequent battles within Strange Sights using one or all 3 characters who listed as sheild fails to register. I have used a combination of Agent Coulson, Quake, Maria Hill, and Nick Fury. 


  • SithforeverSithforever Posts: 135 Tile Toppler
    edited December 2020
    Same issue here Coulson, Fury, and Mockingbird got me nada. Tried Quake, Maria Hill, and Coulson too.
  • RupertyRuperty Posts: 5 Just Dropped In
    Works for me but not for every mission. Try to use Quake, Hill and Coulson with any Strange Sights. However it wasn't working before with PvP missions or different PvE
  • WyntreWyntre Posts: 14 Just Dropped In
    Having the same problem but with Defenders.  Took Jessica Jones, 4* Iron Fist, and 4* Luke Cage through multiple battles... still says just 1/3 done (the initial 12 days battle yesterday).
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