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I have Kitty 120 (powers, 1 yellow, 2 purples, and 0 reds) with a bit more than 1000 shards.  The yellow cover comes from Frost feeding.  I can choose two covers with the shards, and I hesitate between raising her to 221, or 320, or anything else.  My goal is to use Gritty + Polaris.  R&G4, Polaris, Jug4, and Gamora4 are all championed.

I thank you in advance for any piece of advice.


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    Juggs/Polaris/Grocket is better than Gritty/Polaris IMHO (since you are trying to match off your boosted tiles) so you don't need to cover her in a specific way just for that team.
    If I were you I would not spend any of the 1000 shards since 2 more Kitty covers won't do much for you at all. Better to wait for Kitty in a store and pull for a bunch of covers and then see what you need to spend the shards on to properly cover her.
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    OK, thanks for the piece of advice.  I will follow this.
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    i have a different opinion. Use those shards to rank Kitty. Gritty+Polaris(champed) is far superior to other combos. Constantly adding new tiles causes Polaris to add more of those tiles and damages the current target. Then having kitty strengthen tiles is an advantage like no other. Plus having Grocket place 5-7 strike tiles at the start of the battle gives you an edge right from the start. 
    I would use 1/1. 1 yellow and 1 purple and level her up as far as you can. Increasing her damage and tile strengthening values considerably. Eventually you’ll want to have kitty at 5/5/3. Those 3 covers compliment each other very sophisticatedly. And if have kittys dragon supports, kitty& Polaris are X-men, kitty creates 2 protect tiles. Allowing you to create more of them right away w/Polaris allowing you to keep your rooms healthy and also create an offensive that will turn the battle into your favor 9/10 times.  That’s just my opinion, I’m only a 2yr player. I’ve gotten almost all covers but far from champing all or most 5*s. I have kitty, Grocket & Polaris champed, and I gotta tell you; it’s a huge advantage to finally be able to fight w/out having to spend all my health packs or use multiple TUs, etc. Good luck. Hope this long advice helps or steers you in the right direction. 
    Take care!! 
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    Ab_capone. Thank you for your piece of advise.  You confirmed what I thought.

    I bought a yellow Kitty cover for 250 CP a few weeks ago.   That raised kitty to 220 (powers) with 1324 shards.  She is at level 315.

    I use her on a regular basis, even under-covered like that.  I carried out some statistics, and Jug4 + Polaris + Grocket is slightly faster against 3-opponent teams  than replacing Jug4 by Kitty.  Conversely against a solo adversary, using Kitty instead or Jug4 is faster.  So I use her against 1-opponent teams, such as the boss of the last alliance event, and also when Jug4 is low on health to save health packs.  It is just a bit slower in the latter case.

    The international day of women is in March.  We received a special vault last year containing Kitty, Okoye, and St5nge that month.  The Classic Legends vault has pictures of Kitty, Okoye, BRB, and Vulture.  I know that it does not mean much but as Kitty, Okoye, BRB, and iHulk are the most wanted 5* by many players, I hope that we will receive a special vault with the first three in March.  So I decided one week ago to play again (I was on a hiatus) and hoard as much CP as I can before March in the hope to have a special vault with Kitty.  I therefore do not cover her more right now in the case I will receive more covers from the special vault.  I should have 1500 shards by then and I think that I will be able to choose more wisely which powers to level up depending on what I may earn with a special vault.

    Thank you again.