LF Top 100 alliance PVP+PVE

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i am a rahter new player, my shield level is 114(scl9), have essential(meta) 4* team ups, have like half of the 5*s (i have 3 of them close to champ but didn't because i didnt want to ruin my pvp, and some of them are just not roostered-thx to shards). i generally get a cover when a new 5* comes in for the pve 5* node. i have all 2*,3* farming going on.
i play daily,
looking for the scores i can see i can get as much points as 20th alliance player (i generally do better than their last 7-9 players), and i am looking for top 100 (close to top 50?) pve and pvp alliance (need both)... i live in gmt+3 if that is important. also atm i am in an alliance but current players are either very new or rather inactive and it is going on like this for a long time, a few of them are good guys but they are playing even less nowadays...

i generally play scl8 and get full 7 clear points, finishing generally in top 10 (first bracket), sometimes 1st (if i can snipe a good one), i sometimes play scl7 and if dont have req. 5* i sometimes play scl9 (that lvl505 node is hard and sometimes not doable with my lvl 290ish rooster, but i go for progress - even then i finish in top 100 generally near 60 mark with full 7 clears).
i also play every pvp node get 10000+ per season (generally get 900+ points in every pvp event, sometimes 1000+)

i love getting help (open to friendly game chat-strategies-suggestions etc.) and also helping other people, if that is important.