Moonstone's Purple power targets snowball tiles

abmoraz Posts: 711 Critical Contributor
Her "gravity warp" power specifically says "Moonstone manipulates gravity, warping a random enemy special tile to the location of the chosen basic tile, swapping them. If there are no valid special tiles, the warp collapses dealing 1176 damage."
There were no enemy special tiles on the board, but there were a few snowball tiles.  I had Moonstone's Gravity Warp as a team-up.  They had Dr. Strange at 600 health.  I used this team-up, expecting it to kill him, but instead it warped a snowball tile and his Flames of the Faltine triggered instead and killed my last person :neutral: 
Snowball tiles are not enemy tiles.  They're neutral/environmental.  Her power shouldn't affect them.


  • DeNappa
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    Yeah, hazard tiles are buggy and unbalanced in that way. Sometimes they are seen as enemy tiles but other times not (for example, Onslaught does not deal damage for snowball tiles). They also often (always?) tick down on the enemy turn and cascades resulting from hazard tiles will also give the opponent free AP.