Deadpool vs. Villians map problem

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Clicking "It Hurts When I Go Like This" node when it is on the right edge of the screen causes the map to freeze and become unresponsive.  None of the other nodes can be clicked after doing it, one of the other UI elements must be clicked to unlock (checking score, event rewards, resource store, alliance chat etc).  If the screen is shifted so its more toward the center this problem does not occur.  

This is since updating to the newest version of MPQ on an up to date Galaxy S8


  • DeNappa
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    edited December 2020
    Another map freeze bug with the new release (I don't think it's exclusive to the Deadpool map but I didn't really test it):

    If you click on a node now the pre-battle screen will immediately load. But if you click the 'close' icon before the pre-battle screen is completely loaded, the screen will lock up COMPLETELY except for the 'close/back' button.
    ( This happened to me a few times because of clicking the wrong node )
  • sickcat99
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    It's all maps when the node is near the top right. I have sent CS a screenshot of how to reproduce. Tested on 4 phones and happens on iOS and android