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Elektralytes Family

Mission Statement:

Promote growth of developing rosters and vets in an efficient, organized manner to achieve goals while avoiding burnout. We foster a supportive and respectful community that drives one another to their personal best.

  1. Elektralytes : [0 spots available] private, competitive t50 pvp and t100 pve hybrid. Requirements: Pvp: 650+ per event. In season events only. Pve: 100% personal progression
  2. Elektralyter : [5 spots available] private, PVP encouraged, not required. PVE to 80% progression. 
  3. Elektralax : [13 spots available] private, casual, feeder, zero-requirements. A place to stay within the family.

  1. Live Google Document library
  2. Modern Strategies to increase your PVP and PVE play while reducing time investment
  3. Network to the top Alliances
  4. Access to the most up to date information 
  5. Active support and chat family.

We highly recommend LINE. 
Contact info: LINE: Glockom4 

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