Black Widow (Grey Suit)s Pistol does not proc Kitty's Practiced Offense

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I understand that Pistol destroys tiles, and some powers, such as Practiced Offense do not proc from tile destruction powers. However, in addition to the tile destruction damage Pistol has a secondary 'additional' damage component, and that additional damage should have proc'd Practiced Offense. It did not.
Does the team damage from Juggernaut's Collateral proc Practiced Offense? I'm not positive, but I thought it did.
If so, the additional damage from BW's Pistol should proc Practiced Offense.


  • Beauxwinkle
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    I just had a similar problem with BW's Pistol and Deceptive Tactics against Juggernaut's Unstoppable passive. I lowered the health of the other two enemies to within range to down with BW's Sniper Rifle, switched to Juggernaut and fired. The other two were downed, but Juggernaut took almost no damage! The same thing with Pistol on him, almost no damage. Each of the these powers destroys some amount of tiles first, dealing damage, then deals additional damage. But it seems like the sequence of events is cut short after damage from tiles being destroyed to the Juggernaut is reduced with the passive Unstoppable (which reduces damage from not only matches but destroyed tiles, I guess) and doesn't trigger the additional damage afterwards.
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    I believe all the damage from the destroyed tiles + the extra damage is lumped into a single number that is counted as tile damage.
    The reasoning here is probably so that It prevents each tile plus the extra damage from being considered separate damage so strike tiles (and powers like Wakanda Forever) don't get added in multiple times and defense tiles don't reduce multiple times.
    I would imagine it's very unlikely this behavior would be changed.