Planeswalker promo event

Bubbles_CS Posts: 330 Mover and Shaker
Some planeswalkers are deceptively good, or fun, or tricky. It would be fun to have an event that used only the one new planeswalker when it becomes available for sale that allows you to play with the new planeswalker, even before purchasing, with a deck built to showcase that planeswalker. I think this would be a lot of fun and could help drive planeswalker sales.

This could also be coupled with my planeswalker stories idea, to have a few story mode battles that help to tell the planeswalker’s story.


  • Mburn7
    Mburn7 Posts: 3,427 Chairperson of the Boards
    I would love a new version of the old Saheeli event.  I agree that it would be great for promoting new walkers, and it would be a fun new event to play too.