Better filtering options and collection settings

Tarthrin Posts: 21 Just Dropped In
Now that I have well over 1,000 cards making decks is becoming more and more tiresome and not fun. It is hard to search and filter. There are not enough deck slots. Events make it difficult to share decks across events. It is hard to utilize new cards because they get lost in the other 999 cards.

Make improvements to card searching
* One button to toggle standard/legacy when filtering
* boolean operations OR, AND, NOT (red *OR* green, right now if you filter with "red or green" the filter looks for cards with any of the three words
* Phrase filtering, "Destroy target creature" should show only cards with the phrase "destroy target creature" Instead the game looks for cards with any of the three words in any order
* Filter by power/toughness/mana
* Filter multi-colored cards (search for only cards that are green AND red, not cards that are green AND/OR red)
* filter by card mastered or not

Add other ways to manage a massive collection.
* Some way to create sub-collections, folders, or add custom tags to a card like "saproling" or "dual land gate" or "enchantment combo"
* Mark certain cards as favorite or hide cards you don't want to use ever


  • camo
    camo Posts: 23 Just Dropped In
    seconded, especially 2nd point about color filter using OR, AND, NOT
    maybe like a toggle button next to the color icons:
    - blank (default) = OR
    - tap once, become green = AND
    - tap again, become red = NOT