Improve Functionality of 'Saved Teams' - Add More Slots, Easier to Edit/Customize/Sort

mnwota7 Posts: 5 Just Dropped In
Please allow players to have more than 6 slots for saved teams. It's great that it was finally added to the game, but it would be a Quality of Life improvement to have more slots. For the Deadpool Daily Quests alone, I have 3. For PvE, I also have 3 depending on the enemies I'm facing. I also have Alliance Boss Event-specific teams that I may not use often, but I have them saved so that I don't have to remember which team I thought was effective against certain Alliance Bosses.

Also, please make it so that it's easier to customize and create your saved teams (maybe just have a screen where you manage your saved teams, rather than having players go to PvP SHIELD Events, or Story, or etc. to create them). I have the teams that I use more often towards the top of the list, but it would be nice if you could make it so that you could just sort your list however you want, maybe through a drag-and-drop method or a method where you could assign certain teams to be fixed to slot 1,2,3, etc. It would also be more convenient if you could make it easier to form 2-person teams (or even 1-person teams if people want that) by making it so that you could just have a blank character slot as part of your team. This would make it easier for doing Essential Nodes since you are restricted to 2 characters plus the 1 required character. 


  • Quondem
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    I also, would like to see a saved of just 2 champs 1Blank for Required champ