DEATHNOTE2 - Looking for Players

csonic Posts: 28 Just Dropped In

DEATHNOTE2 has THREE openings IMMEDIATELY as I write this.

Note that you DO NOT have to be a superstar to join us. WE SIMPLY WANT PEOPLE WHO PLAY THE COALITION EVENTS. If all you do is play the those events that's fine.

WE ARE RANKED 37th OVERALL and regularly make the top 50 in events.

Our ONE RULE is that you must earn at least 1/3 of what the top earner has earned over the last 1 to 2 months (not really that hard) to stick around.

New players are ENCOURAGED to join us (simply play the coalition events and you will be fine). We are also VERY helpful to new players as many of our past members will tell you.

Hope you can join us ASAP! Just search for our name and join up!