5* Character sharding order

cooperbigdaddy Posts: 382 Mover and Shaker
Hello! I am very new into the 5*, pretty strong in the 4* territory (my roster is in my signature, in case I'm wrong, haha).

Right now I have BRB for my 5* shards. I love using him, Polaris, and Gr4cket as my PVE team. My current plan is to keep going on him until I can champ him, even if that boosts me in PVP, since PVE is my main thing.

I have three questions:
1) For BRB, I at least want 3 yellow (mine is at 2) and 1+ green so I can use his ability when I have racked up some green AP. Should I keep him sharded until I get him 1/3/0, a different arrangement, or just keep going until he's champed?
2) Who should be my next 5* shard? A 5* I don't have for the essential node or a certain one I already have because they are so good?
3) Would there be a better, incredible 3rd for Polaris/BRB? I've used C4rnage and heard Th4nos is good with that duo.

Thank you!


  • BlixTheFrog
    BlixTheFrog Posts: 190 Tile Toppler
    I’m always going with BRB / Polaris / Karnak in PVE. Blue Polaris stuns biggest threats while waiting for Karnak to unleash, then I switch to Karnak’s blue power to speed things up. My BRB is at 4/2/3 though. 😉
  • Hilk
    Hilk Posts: 131 Tile Toppler
    if you like BRB, after him, you should look at Kitty or APOC.  Kitty boosts all those shields/swords (and can make fists) ... OR APOC has some attack boosting, shield creation, strong attack powers and decent rainbow with BRB. 

    Overall, Okoye makes everyone better, so you can not go wrong there either.  Again, attack boosting.