Quartzwood Crusher is the new Drana/Pig

I have rarely seen a card produce so much advantage on its own. It distorts the game in a really problematic way, winning games on its own. No prob with power cards, but when one card produces that much advantage, it needs to be tinkered with. Even the Pig and Drana needed other carfs. Quartzwood can win games alone.


  • jtwood
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    edited November 2020
    QC really took a step back with rotation. It got hit with a one-two punch of not only losing Killer Instinct, but Ruinous Ultimatum stayed around and became more widely used. The ability to wipe everything really negates the advantage of QC's extra token. With RU running around, you need ways to quickly recur threats. Otrimi, Heliod's Generosity, Dance of the Manse, Stitcher, Dark Nissa's ultimate... That sort of stuff.
    QC is still strong, but it's not OP.
  • ambrosio191
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    Labyrinth of Skophos handles QC pretty easily.  It keeps it from attacking, and if it gets an attack off, it usually eliminates the token the next turn. QC also lacks haste, which makes a big difference in how strong it is. It takes 3 turns for its token to attack without haste.
  • gillkonam
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    Its not that it cant be dealt with by single tech, but it is silly to have that much advantage built into one card, haste or no. Tech is a tradeoff usually. And, because it presents two targets, tech is limitedly effective.