Party is the worst mechanic ever in this game because it is not set up for it

Three creatures, parties need four. If they are not something you have to have in the same place at the same time (as it would seem), while they could be there at different times under your rules (that's not intuitive, nor spelled out), it makes little sense. I realize Wizard stuck you with a problem, but either redefine it on the cards or in the objectives or change it because it's a bigger whiff than threshold.


  • Tarthrin
    Tarthrin Posts: 21 Just Dropped In
    I agree. It is incredibly difficult to get a full party especially if the opponent has even a small amount of straight removal. It is also very limiting on what Planewalkers you can use (since White has no rogues for example). I really hate the mechanic in this app and ignore the "have a full party" sub-objectives when they come up in events.