Spicy tokens with Daily Character Reward

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Hi. Some days ago discovered that using 5* Deadpool was giving Spicy Tokens as a Daily Character Reward (with its own screen), but since three days ago couldn't win any of these by these way, even waiting the 24-hours window that many people recommended.
Is that feature going on yet, or there are rotations of the characters you must use to win this extra?


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    You have to wait 25 hours and use Deadpool 5* to win a battle. The timer then re-sets. So it is a little more tricky than getting Deadpool points.
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    As I've stated in the first post, got 2 tokens waiting the 24-hour window, but since four days ago, I cannot get a single token. So I think that maybe is a rotation of which character you must use, not only the 5* Deadpool. D3Go says nothing about this feature.
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    It has nothing to do with character used. The reset is 25 hours +, not 24. Therefore you can only get a token from 5* Deadpool every other day. Complete the separate daily challenges and they reward separate spicy taco's.
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    Sent a ticket. I'll update with the answer. Thanks

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    D3Go sent an answer. It reads this:

    "Dear ......

    Thank you for contacting the D3 Go! Customer Support Team.

    Upon review of your account, it appears that you are still receiving Spicy Tokens for using your Deadpool (Spirit of Vengeance) character. Please keep in mind that the ability to earn these tokens refreshes 24 hours after the last time you earned your last token from using Deadpool (Spirit of Vengeance), and it doesn't refresh at a set time of day.

    Best Regards,
    D3 Go! Customer Support (SG)"

    After four days, yesterday I was able to receive a token again. The question is what happened those days.

    And it confirms 2 facts: The character is Deadpool (Spirit of Vengeance), and maybe only him, and the window to get a new one is 24 hours.

    And I suggested make this feature more noticeable in-game, and add a counter to know how many time left to attempt another token, since not every of us can take note of the exact hour they got the last one.

    Glad to help you, and thanks for the interest.

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