Supports' Retrievability


Given the low chances of pulling high-ranked supports (3* and above) from support tokens, and the complete absence of events/stores awarding them, I believe it would be beneficial to allow some sort of "upgrade" of common supports (1* and 2*).
i.e. After collecting, say, 10 duplicate supports, together with the red Iso gain, you can add one rank to that specific support, to go from 1* to 2*, or 2* to 3* and so on.

I am sure this would mitigate the great frustration players experience when pulling their sole token gained after a whole, sweaty pvp season.


  • rhino_8
    rhino_8 Posts: 5 Just Dropped In
    I currently have 320,000 red iso and 43 support tokens of various ranks, all maximised. I have received many support tokens since fully leveling them all, including gold tokens, and all have been duplicates. This is very frustrating amd the odds are that the more tokens you have, the more common the frustration is likely to be felt.

    I suggest that the system be changed, such that if you receive a support token for a support that you have spent enough red iso on to maximise, then you receive the next rank of the support. That is, if you had a support at 50/50 (say), after receiving another token, you would be at 50/100 and able to continue progressing it.

    Completing a 5* support to 250/250 should perhaps be a reward in itself, or maybe it could be an opportunity for something very special - perhaps the grant of a random infinity stone support, for example?