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    Completely agree with every word @JCWest just wrote incompetence at its finest, truly sad
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    Completely agree with this Post... It just amazes me how much Potential this game has but the lack of effort from ECG to fix known bugs and glitches and to also listen to thier Players suggestions is unreal... GI Joe could be a Monster Mobile Game but is Failing to keep even DIEHARD JOE FANS interested in the game.... Please Wake Up and Realize there is a HUGE COMMUNITY of Fans ready to enjoy THIS game.... Again Wake Up ECG
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    I'm not as hard on the devs as some of the other players, since Support has been pretty attentive(for the most part) whenever I've contacted them.

    That said, some of the bugs are just out of control. They're costing me matches.

    If my vehicle doesn't go where I want it to go, I can't see myself spending any more funds on this game.
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    ECG have left this to crash and burn like they have with all of their other games.  They launch them and get the money and move on.

    There are allot of ECG hate circles out there for many games:

    is just one example.
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    We have ECG representatives join our discord page.  They said the game is alive and well.  Please come join us.