4GR interacting w/ Kitty

fnedude Posts: 326 Mover and Shaker
I was playing the 4*GR PVP event.  (On a PC)

My team: 4GR+Kitty+BRB
AI Team: 4GR+Kitty+BRB

I knocked out both 4GR+BRB, so only Kitty was left for the AI.

I was left w/ 4GR

When it was the AI's turn, 4GR's black power said that Kitty had inflicted 106K damage.

On my turn, 4GR's black power said that Kitty had done 23K damage.  Then when I fire the power, the damage is based of the 23K damage.

I'm not following why it's changing when it's the AI's turn and my turn.


  • MoosePrime
    MoosePrime Posts: 585 Critical Contributor
    On the AI's turn, it was telling you how much damage your character had done.
    The power has a weird aspect, that it tells the damage done by whoever is currently making a match, so it switches around as your characters jump around during a cascade.