PLEASE fix the boost issue in pvp

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It's already hard enough, with snipers, and I've wasted countless resources with no boosts showing up after I unshield in pvp.


  • BriMan2222
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    edited October 2020
    Yes.  This bug is very annoying.  Boosts work for me in pvp except when breaking a shield.  If I am shielded and select boosts and then choose to break my sheild I will start the match without the boosts I chose. 

    The only option is to either wait for my shield to expire or to do a really easy quick fight to break my shield then do the real fight with boosts working.  Very obnoxious. 
  • Borstock
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    I only barely pay attention to stuff like this.... But it's hard to miss against a Hulkoye team when you're trying to get Bill's protects out there and the board is saturated in green and TUs.
    Please prioritize.
  • St_Bernadus
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    I had this happen to me in High Stakes after shielding just short of 900. Unshield with a +2 TU boost but my boost had been replaced with a regular TU. 

    The other one was I had a Polaris TU on deck, used a saved team that had Polaris in it and the TU remained. I knew that was not allowed but I pressed fight just to see what happened, and it replaced the Lorna TU with a purple/blue boost.
  • Tombstone
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    I can confirm that the team is looking into this issue. Unfortunately, there isn't currently an estimate on when a fix will be out for the issue just yet, but it is being investigated.