Character Wish List

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As the devs have been steady building this game since launch, I'm sure there are many cool surprises to come.

That said, what new faces and armaments would players like to see if they had a choice?
How about...

Flint- We've got Duke, we now have Hawk, the GI Joe Command Chain will NOT be complete without this one.

Stalker- Hawk's first recruit and a certified Joe legend. At the very least, you can never have enough soldiers with berets in times of war.

Sgt. Slaughter- Another Joe legend who would be a welcome edition for any die hard fan.

Jinx- We can never get enough Ninja action or Girl Power!

Dusty- The desert trooper.

Mainframe- As tough as he is smart.

Law & Order- Man's best friend, Cobra's worst enemy.

The Wolverine, Sky Hawk, The Persuader, Pack Rat, would all fill out the battlefield nicely.


Serpentor- A no-brainer.

Metal Head- A hefty addition to the Iron Grenadier ranks.

Firefly- More destruction.

Alley Viper- Urban mayhem at it's finest.

Range Viper-A favorite of Cobra High Command

Night Creeper Leader- Ninja it's worse.

The S.T.U.N., The F.A.N.G., Ferret & Iron Grenadier AGP would be nice to see also.

Here's hoping we all get what we want.


  • Striker
    Striker Posts: 11 Just Dropped In
    Also(how could I forget?)...

    The Crimson Guard!
  • DrJ_ECG
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I will pass them over to the team for review.  :)