Unwinnable loop. The Colossal Tussle (TCT). "Last Ride" and "Flame-wreathed Phoenix".

Good day.

While taking part in "The Colossal Tussle" event on 16/10/2020 I encountered a loop behaviour that puts you in an unwinnable position. I don't think that that was an intended behaviour and card interaction.

The situation.

Loop behavior was caused by the interaction between the event support:

Permanent support: Last Ride

When a creature you control dies or loses a reinforcement: If it is a Token  creature, your non-token creatures get +1/+1. Otherwise, gain 2 life and deal 2 damage to your opponent's Planeswalker.When a non-token creature enters the battlefield under your control: You may Destroy target creature you control. If you do, draw a card.
and a card

Flame-wreathed Phoenix
Creature - 5/5 Phoenix (Rare, 13 mana) red
When this creature enters the battlefield: If your opponent has the same amount of Loyalty or less than you, this creature gets +3/+3. Otherwise, it gains Enchanted - When this creature dies: Return it to the battlefield under your control. When this card enters your graveyard from anywhere: Create up to 2 Graveyard Gem(s).

Loop that caused me to lose the game happened when AI played " Flame-wreathed Phoenix" and then killed it using "Permanent support: Last Ride" Destroy option, causing me to lose 2 life points every turn and healing AI 2 point every turn. The loop proceeded until my planeswalker was dead.

This loop will initiate if I have more loyalty then my opponent and if he plays 1 card that costs 13 mana (Flame-wreathed Phoenix). This is an unwinnable loop that you can't interact with in any capacity.

It happens rarely, you need to meet some conditions, but this is not supposed to be an intended behaviour.

Last time when such a loop happened between
Bolrac-Clan Crusher (RNA)
Chandra's Pyreling (M21)
Fix was something like this (https://forums.d3go.com/discussion/83337/patch-notes-08-26-20)
The text and behavior from Bolrac-Clan Crusher (RNA) changed in order to stop its OP interaction with Chandra's Pyreling (M21). From:
"Whenever a creature you control gets buffed, deal 2 damage to your opponent's Planeswalker."
"Whenever a creature you control gets buffed, deal 2 damage to your opponent's Planeswalker. This effect can trigger up to 2 time(s) per turn.

Guess something should be done about fixing this issue.
I guess limiting number of times the Flame-wreathed Phoenix could be resurrected might be a good idea.

Thank you.