Can't play Ninth Operation in I Am Cobra

Is anybody else having problems playing the ninth Spec Op in I am Cobra.  It loads to 90% and stays there.  I didn't bother filing a complaint this time because this happened on the previous Cobra Commander event and all they told me to do was restart and clear cache which did absolutely nothing and apparently has not been fixed since the last time.


  • DamienECGDamienECG ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 20 Just Dropped In
    Hi Miercos,

    Have you tried clearing the Google Play/ App Store cache, or just the game cache? Clearing the Google Play / App Store cache has worked for some users that have reported this issue.

  • MiercosMiercos Posts: 5 Just Dropped In
    Yes.  I tried to force stop and clear game cache.  Also tried force stop, clear game cache, and restart phone.  Told support not to close the ticket when it happened during the previous Cobra Commander event but they refused to keep it open and it happened again on this Cobra Commander event.  The problem is events are time sensitive and bugs reported during events don't get answered over the weekend.  Unless you encounter the problem on Thursday or Friday you have to wait until Tuesday for a canned reply.  By the time info is gathered the event is over and the support ticket is closed.  My issue was never escalated and I am sure I will encounter it again on the next Cobra Commander event.
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