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JHawkIncJHawkInc Posts: 2,260 Chairperson of the Boards
Now we have this spiffy new Team Select screen, easier to see dozens of characters and scroll through them, saved teams are an awesome new feature, etc.

Part of this includes new filter options, that were previously introduced when the Roster screen was updated. The Filter option lets us pick items to reduce the number of shown characters, from star-level, to power color, whether or not they have a support, and whether or not the characters are powered up (ooo, neat, I'm just noticing that one for the first time). The Level option allows us to change the sort method from Level order, to Alphabetical (both A->Z and Z->A options).

X-Men vs Apocalypse got me thinking.... what if we could also Filter by Team Affiliation? I enjoy playing this event with X-Men only teams, and being able to filter by X-Men would speed up that process. And it would be a great tool for anyone who likes to play thematic teams like that.

Conveniently for this event, you can Filter by powered up characters to a similar result, but that only includes the X-Men chosen to be boosted, and technically includes the featured characters even if they aren't X-Men.

But I digress.

tl;dr Team Select Screen, if we could Filter by Team Affiliations, that would be neat.

PS It might also be useful to expand Affiliations if such a feature is implemented. Like being able to filter by space-faring or cosmic characters, so you could easily build a team from the Guardians and Carol Danvers and Nova and Silver Surfer that might logically fit together well for Honor Among Thieves. Or filter by NYC based heroes for Venom Bomb, so we can run our Spider-People alongside characters that would be involved due to location, like Doctor Strange, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Misty Knight, Daredevil, etc.


  • TheghouseTheghouse Posts: 68 Match Maker
    edited 19 October 2020, 04:51
    I think the new team select is a fantastic upgrade over the previous version.

    I would also like to see the ability to put a custom tag on certain characters.  It would need to be separate from "favorite" because that's already used for shards, but something similar.  Something we could mark on certain characters so that if all we want to see is that selection, we can choose the filter.

    Also if the filters would be remembered at the start of each team select instead of resetting, that would be nice.
  • benr69benr69 Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    I second that custom tag. Teams are great when all 3 slots are open but when you have to play with a required character saved teams aren’t useful. There are certain characters I use to complement required characters & would like some way to tag them. 
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