No 4* shards from Heroic Tokens and other UI issues

SpacemanSpiph Posts: 12 Just Dropped In
opened up an Heroic token this morning, and only got shards for my 3* favorite, none for my 4*
also randomly, instead of Polaris only as my favorited 4*, somehow, Thing had also been favorited. (this may be a fat-finger issue, but it isn't the first time I've noticed a 2nd random character showing up as a favorite)

also, oddly, if I go to the Roster screen and use the filter, it says I have 4 characters as favorites - which is technically true, as I have a dupe of 3* Luke Cage that I am working on. My other two are Kitty Pryde and the aforementioned Polaris. However, if I also select the 4* cross-filter along with the favorite filter, then it says I have 6 favorites, even though it only shows the correct single 4* Polaris.


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    If you haven't already, I'd recommend submitting a ticket on this to Customer Support. They can look into what may have been happening with your Shards and Favorites and help credit you with any missing Shards. 

    If you decide to submit a ticket, could you also provide the team with screenshots of what you are seeing with your Roster Filters?