magnetic/black widow(grey) incorrect character damage?

Characters have higher tile damage based on the different colour covers they have. For instance:
Wolverine has red/green/yellow covers and does increase tile damage for red/green/yellow

In fact this is the case on every character I can think of ... except one.

3 star Magneto has red/blue/purple but his tile damage is red/blue/YELLOW ......

Yes the purple power was added later, and it does not do damage based on tiles, but really ... yellow? There are few enough characters that do purple damage surely this should be changed to purple?

Was this deliberate or just set to yellow when it only had 2 powers and never changed?


  • It's not the only character, 3* black widow has also other strong colours then her abilities. Her abilities are green, red and purple and her strong colours are blue, purple and black. So I would think it's intentional for Magneto
  • dmg on black widow (grey) at lvl 44 is


    shouldnt it be green 20 instead of black 20 and red 23 instead of blue 23? green, red, purple are her primary attacks.

    same for magneto classic at lvl 30


    i would expect purple 14 instead of yellow 14. his skills are blue, red, purple

    is this a bug or am i missing something here? based on other characters dmg followed their skills.
  • Dayv
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    I think this is a bug, but sadly there's been no official reply.
  • In the case of widow, I like it and think it's intentional. It feels like she's got this ranged behind the scenes feel when you're building up her ap.

    I'm pretty neutral on magneto.