Peculiar skull tile

Ptahhotep Posts: 316 Mover and Shaker
Playing the 5* essential node in Deepest Space. I fired Onslaught’s blue to catch two green countdowns placed by the Demolishes, Goblin was already downed. One of the two tiles changed from a green countdown tile to a green tile with a silver skull icon. When I selected it no tooltip was displayed. My other two characters were Kitty and 4* Grocket. I finished the fight without matching or destroying the tile so can’t say if it would have done anything.


  • Ares76
    Ares76 Posts: 220 Tile Toppler
    The same thing happened to me in that node. And I thought that I played too much and had hallucinations. But since there was not supposed to be another tile that was replaced with that skull tile it didn't bother me much.