Upcoming Build releases 1.2.5, 1.2.6 and 1.2.7

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Hello Everyone,

We are doing a lot to try and address issues with the game that have come up.  We updated the game engine to address crashes, but some other crashes came up that we have been working to address among other things.  So please bear with us, here is a current plan that we have:

1.2.5 - expected to release this week or early next week with attempted fixes at the following:
- Some crashes
- Social linking with Android
- Graphical issue in chest opening on iPhone 11/SE
- Graphical issues with world map and chest opening in Android

1.2.6 - expected to be released by end of next week with attempted fixes at the following:
- Attempted fixes to resolution in a way that shouldn't be as drastic as it was previously expected to be, we are hoping on min spec versions after testing on our end that it addresses anyone that was experiencing crashes and low frame rate.  We will continue to monitor this.
- New Campaign updates
- Other Fixes

1.2.7 - because time was spent to address the assets in a way that won't be so drastic, the details on this update are changing.  Will update this soon!

As we get more attempted fixes in the game I will update this list.

Thank you!
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