Basri Ket mythic Vanguard needs a small change

Currently the Basri Ket mythic Vanguard's (BKm for short) passive make soldier tokens which is fine and dandy. BKm soldiers are human soldiers by type however when played in game they are treated as a soldier token and not a human soldier token. This leads to BKm's tokens to reinforce soldier tokens and not human soldier tokens even though BKm's soldiers are typed as human soldier.

My suggestion is to have BKm's tokens reflect their type so instead of just soldier for the name it should be Human Soldier which will match also with current standard tokens.


  • Endbringer
    Endbringer Posts: 148 Tile Toppler
    Linden is a leader of Humans and Knights and she does absorb them so in that framework they are considered humans as well as soldiers.
  • andrewvanmarle
    andrewvanmarle Posts: 976 Critical Contributor
    The underlying problem is actually that we have too many similar but slightly different tokens that don't stack