Q&A w/Emerald City Games - September 2020 Edition (9/5/20)

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Hi Everyone –

Thank you for submitting your questions via the Developer Q&A Google Form.  As you saw in the latest developer blog, the team has been busy with new characters and improving the overall experience for players.  We are aware of a couple of bugs that need fixing and are working on those for the next update but the team took some time to answer some questions recently provided for by the community.

We want to thank the team at Emerald City Games for putting together these responses.  And now to the questions!

ECG Q&A Session (September 2020)

How come you get so many advanced training manuals but the normal manuals are so rare?

The normal training manuals aren't rare, it's just that they are required for both Rank 1 and Rank 2 upgrades, and in much larger quantities, so it seems like you are always needing them. This has been an apparent issue for a while now, and we should consider greatly increasing the drop rate of common items, or alternatively, not make the common items a requirement in all upgrades, but only the Rank 1. The common ones are used more currently so you end up spending them faster. The normal manuals drop at a higher frequency.

When are we getting a Recruitment Feature added? We need a way to invite players to our Alliance without Discord or Facebook.

We are planning to do an update for Alliance in the near future so keep an eye out for that.

Will we have in the future a base editor screen? Where we will be able to clear our base and redesign and not worry about popping on someone’s map when all is blacked out.

Yes! Base customization capabilities are currently in the works, and should allow for much greater player freedom when constructing their bases, as well as add much needed combat variety when launching attacks as well.

Have you thought about adding bonus PVP challenges to events except the regular 6 or so? Ex: Accumulating 10-20-30 defenses during the event (making people push defenses and actually strategize), Take down air units 20-30-40, Heal or repair 1000-3000-5000 hp (making people try different setups and units).

We are always trying to improve the variety of our events, but a lot of the time and effort has been put towards creating unique Survival and Spec Ops content. But we do intend to do a pass on the regular event challenge components, and add in a larger range of challenges. These are great suggestions, we will definitely take them under consideration.

With base increase, will there be more area locked for the base? More sea or land area?

We are working on some core base functionality now, so there will be updates around this in the near future.

Will units ever get a third upgrade skill?


Will we have a way to see other Alliances rosters?

This will be looked at during the time we focus attention on some Alliance improvements.

There needs to be a character on the Joes side that has similar abilities as Cobra Commander. Maybe General Hawk with the ability to call an air strike.

Funny you should say that...we have just the character you are looking for.  Check out our latest developer blog HERE for his abilities and tips.

Thank you everyone, have a nice weekend!
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