Marvel puzzle quest brand new alliance recruiting

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The name of my alliance is know as “ Active squad“. I’ve called that because I want everyone in my alliance to play daily and they cannot just type in the chat why, I’m pretty understanding so it’s OK to miss a day or so just not long periods of inactivity. I only ask that everyone treats each other with respect no rude language of any kind and keep it kid friendly in case kids join the alliance .  I am personally 21 years old but I know marvel is not just for adults. Other than that I well come anyone whether you level 100 or level 1; payed one day or five hundred days, every one is just as important ❤️. I want to build a family that can grow and grind together from the bottom to the top . Hope to see you guys there, the alliance is publicity open to all comment here to let me your interested or just join if you want I will post a picture Of the alliance details down below as the first comment. If you are not interested what so ever  I appreciate the thought and time spent reading this have a nice day everyone. anyone from F2P to P2P is Welcome. personally I I’m  a mixture of both I mostly play for free but when I have a bit of extra cash I spend the money to support the developers that made this game That I love with a passion. I hope you take the time to Deeply consider joining my alliance, I am nowhere near the best by myself however I know as a team we can over come any obstacle in are way