Maintenance gift vs Coalition rewards

BongoTheGrey Posts: 345 Mover and Shaker
We had another unscheduled maintenance today (09/02/2020) and we all got 25 mana jewels as an apology. I'm pretty grateful that you considered giving us that gift because of something we had no idea it was happening. I just want you to consider that that gift is 5 times the reward any player can achieve by finishing any of the new 3 Standard coalition events (Titanomachy, Hunter X Bonder and A Timeless Voyage) with a perfect score. And it has to be perfect score because there is no 5th place on those brackets, more often than not there is no 100th place, so that gift is 12.5 times the individual reward that most players would get for playing those events.
Just wanted to put things in perspective because I think the game should encourage players to grind on the events and the best way to do that is by offering tempting rewards.


  • Ampersand
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    I second @BongoTheGrey 's statement. Rewards were creeping very high a year or so ago but all the coalition event rewards are now a pittance. Players commit a lot of time and focus to the coalition events for....5 jewels, a booster pack, and some runes. Please raise the rewards for coalition events.
  • jtwood
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    For most (HxB, TGT, TiT) Standard-legal coalition events, the rewards are identical:
    If you finish 1st individually and 1st in coalition, you get:
    • 21,000 runes
    • 140 crystals
    • 90 jewels
    • Packs worth somewhere between 700 and 1200 orbs (EV)
    What is probably catching everyone's attention is that a good chunk of those rewards are determined by coalition rank. Progression and individual placement don't matter nearly as much.
    • Runes: 29% progression / 47% coalition / 24% individual
    • Crystals: 29% progression / 71% coalition / 0% individual
    • Jewels: 5.5% progression / 89% coalition / 5.5% individual
    Granted, this mix will shift as you move down the spectrum, but I think it's worth focusing on this best-case scenario to show how important coalition performance is to event reward distribution. And since lower individual performance will occur on teams with lower coalition scoring, people who are missing out on top, individual rewards will see a decrease in their coalition rewards, too. It's compounded.
    I'm putting words in the game's mouth here, but I would imagine this distribution exists because these are coalition events. I bet they consider other PvP/individual events (TCT, CotC, RT, TG) to be the source of individual-focused rewards, and that's why coalition ranking matters so much in these coalition events.