Mad about MPQ is a T100 ranked Story/PvE-focused Alliance

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We are currently full.

We currently have a spot open in Mad about MPQ, a Story/PvE-focused Alliance. We are not a Hybrid Alliance, and we have no PvP requirements. PvP is encouraged but not required.

We have a Line room but its use is also only encouraged and not required. Game chat is fine if that's all you want to use.

Because we are a T100 Alliance, our members playing at CL7 or higher get an extra 3-star cover as an Alliance reward from each PvE/Story event, or an extra 4-star cover if it's a release event, such as the current Story, Lost in Time. 

We are looking for someone who can consistently earn at least the 100% progression score in every PvE event. Many of us score 130-150%, if not higher, so 100% is the hard floor. That said, if you know you won't hit 100% for an event, you should let us know in advance.

Failing to hit 100% in too many events without talking to us, or going idle for days without any communication can and probably will lead to your removal from the Alliance. In fact this is exactly why we have an open spot right now.

Rosterwise, to ensure you can consistently hit at least 100% you should be at least a solid 3* player (all Champions, or in rotation/Farming) and be working on your 4s.  Many of us are solid 5* players and there can be a perception that we're "carrying" you if your roster is too low.

If you're interested, please reply or shoot me a PM.