Deck Slots should be FREE

So besides the one deck slot each PW comes with, players have to spend 20k runes or 150 yellow to open up the other two in order to have a maximum of 3 deck slots. WHY???? Why do people have to spend currency that they very much need for acquiring cards and the very Planeswalkers themselves, on the ability to use them in the first place with multiple deck strategies they can keep locked in??? I know for a fact many new players just quit before they get anywhere in this game, before they even want to spend any money too, because EVERYTHING COSTS! They desperately need to be able to use their runes and crystals on other things besides the option to have more than one crafted deck slot to play with, and because they always have to remake decks, it gets very tiresome and feels like an unnecessary waste of time they shouldn't be forced to do (SIMPLY TO PLAY THE GAME). There should be at least 3 free deck slots for every PW. Also, there should be an option A, B, and C to select from a different form of currency to purchase more deck slots like A is runes, B is crystals, C is MANA ORBS. All of the additional deck slots, possibly up to 10 more should cost either of those 3 currencies. Don't you think the more deck slots you can have open to create with, the more people will spend time playing this game? Deck slots should be free up to 3 and have several cheap ways to purchase more after 3 including the use of mana orbs. Hit like if you agree.