When Shields Break.......

I've been playing this game for quite a few years now and have enjoyed it quite a bit BUT there are certain aspects and issues that are irritating as hell.  Probably one of the biggest issues is what seems to happen when your shields break.  Can someone explain why I magically get beaten by 8 of the hardest hitting players(those players who have maxed damn near all of their players) the EXACT moment my shields break?  I'll get attacked maybe once while my shields are holding but the moment my shield breaks it's as if a text alert has been sent to everyone to tell them my shields are down so they should attack me immediately AND all at once.  This is just plain horseshit...

For guys like me who have made all the progress completely on my own (yes, I'm in an alliance but it's made up of a couple of friends who don't have a lot of time to play... I'm the only one who has ever made purchases) and who play when and IF they have free time, this "shield issue" is frustrating as hell.   

Like I said, I play when and if I have time so I don't know a lot of the "ins and outs" so maybe this is a dumb question I'm asking but I'd still appreciate an answer if anyone knows. 



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    While your shield is 'up' you are invisible to other players. In other words they can't queue you to attack you while you are shielded. The attacks that do come in while you are shielded are retal attacks (ie when you successfully attack someone they can do a retal attack regardless of whether you are shielded or not). This is why you see so few of them when you are shielded because not many players do retal attacks unless you have a much weaker team than they do.
    Once your shield expires it's exactly as you guessed. You are suddenly visible to all the players in the game and there are hundreds, if not thousands playing at any given time. So your team will find it's way into someones attack queue and they will attack you.
    As for the quality of the teams (5* champs), that all depends on how many points you have. The more points you have the more visible you are to higher level teams. At some point (I think in Shield Sim it's around 1600) you become visible to even the strongest teams regardless of how weak your team is.
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    Just to add that attacks could be coming from those that had you queued before you shielded as well. Not just retals
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    Copy that!! It makes complete sense.  Thanks for the help!!!