Choose Your Own Reward Path

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Currently there are 0 cards that I need from packs other than Daxos vs Kalemne and a handful of Odyssey and Torment. I do still need some exclusives, pws, and vanguards though, which for the most part can only be purchased with jewels and gems. I also have an overabundance of mana orbs I'll never run out of and 1.6 million runes... What I'm suggesting is, during any given event, there should be multiple reward paths that a player can select from to best suit their progression, that they would get to pick from only once at the start of the event. For instance instead of getting 2000 mana runes, 5 mana jewels, 3 single packs, and 40 yellow along a player's personal reward path of any given event, players should be able to select a path that could provide them 20 mana jewels and 60 mana crystals instead, substituting out the runes and packs that they don't need, for an equivalent amount of other resources they do need, at a reasonable value and exchange rate. Also, I don't need anymore legacy cards either, nor will I ever have a need for more legacy packs, and I'm sure many people are in the same boat. All of the VIP rewards offering legacy rewards are just a waste of an offer to me. With my suggestion above for choosing a reward path, there should be an option to select different packs, like a rotation wheel (like the ones in Booster Crafting that cycle from common to masterpiece) that cycles through the different sets. This would create so much more incentive for people to play events and make them feel like they're actually moving forward increasing the size of their collection, rather than playing in events for stuff they already own. The rotation wheel could also include the amount of jewels and gems that will replace your runes or unnecessary packs. For each point marker at which a player would earn a reward, they could manually rotate the wheel to the desired reward, before the event starts.