Q&A w/Emerald City Games - July 2020 Edition (7/29/20)

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Hi Everyone –

Thank you for submitting your questions via our Developer Q&A Google Form.  With the introduction of a few new characters, Battle Pass, and more the team has been busy and we appreciate your patience as we worked on answering your questions.

We want to thank the team over at Emerald City Games for putting together these responses.  And without further ado, here you go!

ECG Q&A Session (July 2020)

When will gold event coins be in play and what will be the purpose?

We wanted to introduce Gold Coins at the right time and we recently featured these in an event for 1 day to introduce them to everyone.  We will bring them back again in some future events.

Have you considered doing big special events or doing a reskin of characters or vehicles?

Yes, this is something we are considering and are actively discussing here at ECG.  In terms of reskins, are there any you are most interested in seeing?

Why can’t sea units have the ability to attack HQ in Survival Mode?

Sea unit utility is something we are working on among other combat updates.  These should be rolling out in the near future.

Will we have new defense buildings added to the game?

Yes, we have updates planned around improvements to defense gameplay, so stay tuned for future updates.


When are we going to get Alliance Wars like it was rumored to come?

How did this get out?! In all seriousness, we want to make sure it’s ready to go before we make it live but this is planned for some time this year.

How often will trophies be reset?

We have an iteration to PVP planned in the future that will likely introduce some formalized resetting rotation.


Has there been any talk in lessening the amount of on screen assets to lessen the likelihood of game freezes and crashing?

This is something we are aware that is happening to some of our players.  We have made some fixes that has improved it some but we are still working on some additional performance and optimization work that should help with frame-rate and crash issues.  Please reach out to customer support if you run into these issues as they can assist if this comes up for you.


I am at Level 20 HQ.  Are there plans to increase HQ levels and are there things I can do now to improve my squad and base?

This is a great question that we are looking at and making some adjustments and expansions for later game users.  The level 20 cap, and trophy values from winning battles and defending your base won’t be the same forever. If your opponents have a habit of upgrading only the defense buildings or clumping them together, this will leave them exposed to units that can Deep Strike. Destroying a couple of neglected Power Generators can cripple a base defense.  The Resource Depots also provide a significant source of AP that can be easily gained if the buildings are under-leveled.  The extra health from investing in these buildings will ensure your opponent has to work harder to have enough AP to destroy your base.  Remember as you complete your battles that your opponents are always attacking you! Upgrade your buildings and create a balanced, but vicious onslaught that keeps your opponents at bay, and continues to increase your own trophies via successful base defenses!