How to level Okoye?

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I have Okoye 320 (3 blacks, 2 yellow, and 0 red) and 1000 Shards.  I hesitate between maximizing her black or using one of the two covers in yellow or red.  What would you do?

Thank in advance for any piece of advice.


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    Who are you usually using her with? The answer entirely depends on whether she could tank damage reliably (to allow Wakanda Forever! (black) to work better and we don’t lose a TU AP) and heal sufficiently or not (the improvement from 2 covers to 3 for Indomitable Spirit (yellow) is quite significant, actually).

    Her Piercing Throw (red) is the only power that deals damage, so if she ends up at the last person in the team during the match, you need it to try for a win. But, ideally we should have someone with a better red power.

    Personally, I’d add one black and one yellow.
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    Thanks for your comment.

    I usually pair her with AC or Medusa or both.  Okoye then tanks everything but green with AC or/and purple with Medusa.  If she is low on health at the beginning of a fight, I pair her with C&D to fill her health thanks to yellow generation by C&D.  Since Okoye is equipped with the  Royal Falcon Ship ***, I am quickly at a point where Okoye's yellow only costs 5.   I just loose tanking purple.  So it is fairly easy to keep the TU.

    That also means that I often have no good red companion.  But 11 red is an expensive power.  I think I am going to follow your piece of advice.  Thank you.
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