How to level Okoye?

mpiter Posts: 77 Match Maker

I have Okoye 320 (3 blacks, 2 yellow, and 0 red) and 1000 Shards.  I hesitate between maximizing her black or using one of the two covers in yellow or red.  What would you do?

Thank in advance for any piece of advice.


  • mpiter
    mpiter Posts: 77 Match Maker
    Thanks for your comment.

    I usually pair her with AC or Medusa or both.  Okoye then tanks everything but green with AC or/and purple with Medusa.  If she is low on health at the beginning of a fight, I pair her with C&D to fill her health thanks to yellow generation by C&D.  Since Okoye is equipped with the  Royal Falcon Ship ***, I am quickly at a point where Okoye's yellow only costs 5.   I just loose tanking purple.  So it is fairly easy to keep the TU.

    That also means that I often have no good red companion.  But 11 red is an expensive power.  I think I am going to follow your piece of advice.  Thank you.