Rework Devotion

I think devotion needs a rework to include Tri and duo cards. Because at the moment we are getting a lot of due and Tri PW and only a handful of monos that are very good, I have noticed cards with devotion do have a a cap. For example aborent deamon (I'm dislexic so name might be wrong sorry) summons 1 1/1 harpie for each black devotion upto 6, so even if we could get 1 devotion of 3 due black card and 2 of tri blsck cards and 1 mono card. We won't exceed the summon limit so the card will still be at the same league it is now.


  • AoMadness
    AoMadness Posts: 87 Match Maker
    I agree with most of what you said about lettings some mechanics like devotion being more powerful, but I disgree with pay to win point. I earned song of creation from a free pack reward when hunter bonder first started, and a friend of mine just crafted song last week, so it's possible to play song for free.

    I hope the crusher loop isn't fixed it's it's fun on pve nodes