Suggestion for Sentry

After seeing what has been implemented with numerous characters, I think it is time Sentry gets his due. Considering how powerful he is supposed to be, I suggest releasing a 5 star version with some key features. Limiting him to only 3 powers is tricky since he has so many, but here is an example of how I think Sentry should be done:

The Sentry (5*)
  1. A green ability that destroys random tiles on the field and deals damage to the enemy team to mimic Sentry's raw power (destroyed tiles to not gain AP),
  2. A yellow ability that creates strike tiles to mimic Sentry's energy projection; and a passive "no stun" ability to mimic his durability,
  3. A black ability that places a countdown tile targeting a downed ally that brings them back at X% health to mimic Sentry's resurrection ability; and a passive ability that returns him to the field at X% health as the Void if he is downed and replaces his powers with new ones.
(I intentionally avoided conditions that cause damage to himself or friendly characters.)

The Void
  1. A blue ability that stuns the enemy team and active allies for X turn(s) and places a countdown tile on the field that deals damage to all stunned characters each time it ticks down to mimic Void's tendril attacks on the mind,
  2. A purple ability that turns all purple tiles on the field to basic black tiles to mimic Void's deceptiveness,
  3. A red ability that deals base damage to the target and 1 random ally plus more damage to the target for each black tile on the field to mimic Void's strength at night and in the negative zone.

Consider adding a support for Sentry. For example:

Lindy Reynolds (support)
  1. Rank 1 - Small chance of healing an ally by some amount when the supported character fires a power.
  2. Rank 2 - Small chance of gaining 1 red AP when the supported character makes a red match.
  3. Rank 3 - Damage to allies from countdown tiles is decreased by some amount when the supported character is in front.
  4. Rank 4 - Supported character's base yellow and blue match damage is increased by some amount.
  5. Rank 5 - (Sentry only) Small chance of un-stunning(?) a stunned ally at the start of the turn.

Community question:
Do these suggestions fit the character and the game?


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    So I apparently did not spend enough time looking through the forum, because the very day after making this thread, I came across the actual thread that I should have put this in. So, if you would like to see the updated suggestions I made for Sentry and other character suggestions I've made so far, click the link...