Misty's Saturday Night Specialist - Heal is triggering off CDs and Repeaters

bluewolf Posts: 4,910 Chairperson of the Boards
"When a Fortified tile is matched or destroyed, Misty heals her allies for a burst of xxxx health....."

Observed and unexpected things that trigger this healing:

1.  CDs resolving of their own accord - technically they disappear and are in one sense "destroyed" but usually that means an action is taken by the player/AI to cause said destruction.

2.  Repeaters resolving where they are NOT removed in any way.  (It might be that Repeaters are actually coded as CDs that are immediately replaced when they resolve and hence are triggering the healing for the same reason the CDs are.)

Kitty's roving Repeater in particular makes things....interesting.... as a one turn, automatically fortified Repeater.

Is this intended behavior for Misty's SNS power?  Maybe the intent was to give a boost to characters who fortify CDs and Repeaters (hello, Green Goblin!  Hawkeye!) and all the ones who fortify random tiles...also to the Supports....

Some clarification would be appreciated.