Suggestions to make lightning rounds more appealing

I hate to complain (no really, I do icon_razz.gif ) but over time, I'm finding the lightning rounds less appealing.

I get that they're supposed to call out how cool and awesome the villains are to make people want to buy tokens to unlock them.

However, I don't think the way they current work is encouraging this.

1.) Getting stuck with a mandatory **** level 15 version of the character is *not* really a great way to upsell how powerful and awesome it is.

2.) Buffing only the villain itself has had a "the rich get richer" effect where high-level Dooms and Hoods are cleaning up with the massive buffs, while those who don't have any covers are stuck with **** level-15 versions that make it very hard to place (and get covers for those characters). It's like, how am I supposed to place in the Doom tourney to earn some Doom covers when players with level 100+ Dooms are completely destroying me?

I don't even think it's a bad thing that players who invested the time and effort to develop these villain characters get to go on a rampage. I'm sure it must be great fun for them and I don't want to take away anybody's fun.

I also understand that at the end of the day, D3P wants players to support the game by purchasing heroic tokens or lightning token packs, but this setup is having the net effect of simply making the tournaments less appealing for me at all. (I can only speak for myself, obviously).

To make the lightning rounds more appealing, I have 2 suggestions:

1.) I suggest buffing up the minimum level of the "**** default version you use if you don't have this character) to something higher (25? 30? 40?), and give it at least 1-2 covers in each color/ability so that players can really experience the villain and its abilities. It's hard to get excited about a level 15 C. Magneto who only has his blue. It would be a lot easier to get excited about a level 30 Magnus that has 2-3 slots in all 3 colors. Once people try and get hooked on the characters' *real* potential, I think they'll be more likely to convert to paying League of Legends' free weekly hero rotation, which this game is obviously emulating here anyway.

2.) I suggest also buffing up, possibly to a lower extent, one or more random hero character(s) for these tournaments to help players who don't already own Doom/Hood to get excited about competing and possibly placing. To justify this from a game fiction standpoint, the random hero could be considered either a "rival" for this particular round, or perhaps having just taken out a bounty on the villain's head. i.e, "INTRODUCING DOOM LIGHTNING ROUND 2.0 TOURNEY-STRAVAGANZA! DOOM IS BUFFED 200%, AND FOR THIS ROUND, HIS HEROIC RIVAL [insert random hero here, like 2-star Wolverine or Iron Man Model 40] HAS BEEN BUFFED TO 150% TO [DEAL WITH THIS SPINE-TINGLING NEW THREAT / COLLECT THE BOUNTY ON DOOM'S HEAD]! CALL NOW! OPERATORS ARE STANDING BY!"


  • I would be happier if only the special character were buffed. 200% ragnarok is understandable in a ragnarok round, but not so fun in an everything else round.
  • I have to agree with the "rich get richer" statement.

    How does someone (who'd very much like to get a Rag cover) compete in the Rag rounds against opponents who already have a high level (and now buffed!) Rag?!

    More generally, how does soneone who doesn't have any 3* covers compete? ...or (personally) have a bunch of random locked at lvl-15 3*s?

    I fall into the second category. I've randomly pulled a Magneto 3*, a Hood and a Doom through tokens and was (at the time) thrilled.
    But given that they're locked at lvl-15, and even if I were to purchase HP to upgrade it'd still be just for the 1 skill, they'd still be level-capped, and still be uncompetitive in their lighning rounds...

    My suggestion:
    Buff 1* and 2* villains by 200%, and ONLY the featured villain by 150%.
    This way those players having locked/1-cover 3* villains can compete using Daken, Bullseye, Yelena..
  • Oh, and I also second the suggestion to Buff a heroic rival.
    Good idea! icon_e_smile.gif