Gold Coin Event

Footloose Posts: 29 Just Dropped In
Another new event with no explanation. While I “like” the concept of the event, the math does not work out unless you spend a lot of $ or tons of diamonds. The event gets you 100 gold coins per side if you collect 1000 cards. The majority of the cargo boxes we open are bronze. Let’s say you are the luckiest individual in the world and you only get gold cargo boxes in your battles. It would take 9 gold cargo boxes to get the 100 gold coins. That would allow you open 1 box from the event. To get the final bonus reward, you will need 1000 gold coins! That equates to 90 gold cargo boxes.....per side! I know we sometimes get a titanium of platinum box here and there, but come on, the final bonus reward is impossible to get in a week, let alone 24 hours. Please stop with the new events that only discourage players. Plenty of players have given wonderful suggestions on how to greatly improve the game and we keep getting more new events that are solely based on having people spend money. Very few are going to spend ANY money, and the ones that did have stopped due to the constant issues with the game.