Chances to get the Event Unit

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Is it just my luck or the chances to get the new unit are really low now? 
Usually I was able to get rid of some bronce boxes and other lame prices to increase the chance special event unit. Now there are more of those lame prices making it harder to get that unit. 
I didnt get Lady Jaye on this event even though I played the special ops reseting the time to played it 2 extra times, and still didnt get her. Also adding to the fact that to get some extra coins you need to use the "feature unit" so just right there it hurts the chances and also the "research and development" is flawed because for some players like me that have played the game for some time now its very dificult to level up cards when you need like 3000.
First time I missed a special event unit and I have to say it really took my entusiasm for the game to the floor. I mean; how much time do you want me to spend on the game? 
Also 10 battles for a special ops is two battles more too many. Leave it at 8.
Also those special event units and event limited units are just for collection, I would never take those units to battle where my battle units have high levels and those are low levels, they would be waste of points in a battle. 
I know the answer is to pay money and purchase coins and all that stuff. I am a free player, I enjoy the game and specially the franchise. Maybe if covid wasnt going I would spend money on the game as of now I have priorities. All in all my rant concludes in: I'm not sure I want to spend my time with the game. I spend more time than I should and I dont think I am having as much fun as I used to. It has become more of a chore than anything else.


  • Footloose
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    I think the algorithm they use for the main unit has been getting harder and harder. I got Lady Jaye, but not Mistress Armada, even though I opened 26 cargo crates. Could be bad luck, but the past several events it usually rakes me until the last day to get the main character.