Mad about MPQ needs Merc.

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We need a Merc for this event and next. T100 Allliance 1 man short. We need to fill that last spot as well. Contact me if interested. I am nahlige in “mad about MPQ“ our crew name.


  • JSP869
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    Mad about MPQ has 2-3 spots open. We are typically a T100 Story/PvE Alliance. PvP is encouraged, but not required. 
    We're looking for players (mercs, or permanent) who are willing to hit at least 120% progression in each PvE event.
    Quite a few of us had 80,000+ scores in Webbed Wonder. You don't have to be that crazy, but we do want serious players to back us up and help us hold onto T100.
    We are willing to take 3-star players who are serious about developing their 4-star roster, because you can hit 120% with a 3-star roster without the 4E as long as you're not playing too high a CL and as long as you're doing your clears reasonably optimal. (I have an Alt with a 2-star roster that still hit 100%. 120% with a 3-star roster is achievable.)
    We are currently a Private Alliance so make sure to check that box when you search for Mad about MPQ
    If you do apply, please either reply here, or shoot Nahlige or I a PM, with your in-game name so we know to look out for you.

    Update: we are currently full.
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    A1, how have you been? Hope all is well, listen I know you guys are full but I am still bopping around. If a slot opens up please let me know, would love to reunite if you guys would have me again.