Recent Network Issue (7/6/20)

LakeStone Posts: 1,377 Community Moderator
Hi Everyone -
We understand a number of players came across network issues over the weekend and we apologize for that experience. We appreciate your patience as we fixed the issue and we plan to send out in-game compensation tomorrow to all players.
We have confirmed this issue is now fixed in today's patch. Those that came across the issue should have been able to see all rewards and XP earned from their previous battle played once the game was reloaded.
Thank You!


  • Shany523
    Shany523 Posts: 25 Just Dropped In
    So do we have a new mechanic in this flawless bugles game of survival runs crashing exactly on first match after we reset with diamonds? So we spend more? Any new shady greedy tactics up the sleeve we need to know off? I’m not the only one this is happing to. (And I’m at home with steady connection)
    its second time today, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me I guess! Stupid of me to think I should try again... so how do I get those diamonds back before the end of the year? @LakeStone time is ticking with a limited event, support is ignoring tickets and if they do they send a copy paste message of we will look into it and pass it along to the team.