Team for powered-up 5* Thanos

DigitHAL9000 Posts: 54 Match Maker
Like in actual event, 5* Thanos is required in 5* nodes but he can burn all my medikit and kill his teammates.
Whenever downs an enemy does 8k+ damage to his allora and I need to heal them.
Can you suggest me a team?

Old Man Logan can keep for some time, I tried him with X23 but she didn't heal even of I marchese the right tiles...

Any siggestions?


  • TPF Alexis
    TPF Alexis Posts: 3,814 Chairperson of the Boards
    X-23 only heals when she tanks those matches. If someone else makes them, it doesn't help her. Daredevil and Doom are the other 5* Passive Healers. Do you have either of them usable?
    Personally, I've been using BrB and Kitty. That team generally takes little enough damage from the enemies that they can afford the damage from Thanos.
    Another option is to try to avoid the damage by grinding all three opponents down to the point where you can take them all out with a single AoE. That has its own risks, tho, particularly against HAMMER Lieutenants and Maggia Muscle.
  • DigitHAL9000
    DigitHAL9000 Posts: 54 Match Maker
    I solved using Old Man Logan and Vulture, at least for these last 2 scenarios.

    Logan heals himself and all I have to do is collect 6 black PAs to send Vulture flying and get enough green for Thanos' "Come and Get Me".

    I just need to make sure Vulture is still flying when Thanos lands his shot. 
  • Pongie
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    If the enemies all have similar health, then I still use okyoke & immortal hulk. Just chase teamups and let hulk take them all out at the same time and court death won't trigger.